Welcome to the world’s greatest show and tell!

Courtesy: Miami Mini Maker Faire

Courtesy: Miami Mini Maker Faire

Where else can you make the worlds’ largest bubbles, learn how to solder, meet some inventors, buy unique handmade crafts, see a dress made out of balloons, and hear Celtic music playing throughout by  The Mithril Duo? All this and more can be enjoyed at The Shreveport Mini Maker Faire, of course!

What if you could spark your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math by playing piano on a bunch of bananas? LeVette Fuller from the Shreve Memorial Library will show you how with her Makey Makey kits! How many of us grew up wanting to take old radios apart to see how they work? Then we get busy in the hustle and bustle of adulthood. Something breaks? Buy another one. Don’t know how to make it? Buy it. What if it doesn’t fit your idea of what you really want?

Introducing: the Spirit of Making. It’s a philosophy, a way of life, and it’s uber cool. Once you learn how to make things, your curiosity will soar, and you will come up with way more ideas than you know what to do with. What if that plastic doo-hickey on your turn signal assembly breaks off? Go to the dealership to get another one? Or, digitize the old piece on a 3D scanner, and make a replacement part on your 3D printer. What? Yes! We’ve met some school kids who saved their allowances to buy a 3D printer, which has become about as affordable as a laptop. Not into high tech? Meet Don Fraser who builds the most beautiful canoes and kayaks I’ve ever seen. Each one of them is fully functional and ready to go in the water. Are you an exercise buff? Meet Jennette Ginsburg, who makes her own hula hoops, and Reneau Castore Youngblood, who started her own Zumba business. Do you like beautiful things? How about Robert Lawless from Banded Crow, who makes wondrous pieces of art out of glass and painted tile? Come join the Community Spirit of Making this Saturday at the Centenary College FIT!

9 responses to “Welcome to the world’s greatest show and tell!

  1. I’m concerned about two events competing in Highland on the same day. This is the same day at the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival.


  2. Hello, Karen. Thank you for your concern. We applied to Maker Faire Global for official licensing a year ago and we had to submit a date for the event. It is incredibly competitive to host, and requires community partnership, a leadership team from multiple organizations, and advanced planning. Also, at the time we applied, highland jazz was in November. We do our best to pick dates/times that we think aren’t a conflict. We feel that the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival and the Shreveport Mini Maker Faire will be complementary to each other, and allow families to enjoy the many things that the Shreveport-Bossier area has to offer. Isn’t awesome that there are so many great things to do in our community now? What a great problem to have!

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  3. I am interested in show casing my bead work. Is this an outside or inside event? What are the particulars on space available? I appreciate any information you can help me with.


    • Hello, Sherry! Your beadwork looks fantastic. The event will be indoors, and each exhibitor will get a 10 ft x 10 ft space. We do have limited space outdoors but that is generally reserved for those who cannot bring their project indoors. We hope that you would consider making your project hands-on and interactive with the visitors, with something they could make at your booth. If you would like to sell your items, we have a Commercial Maker category for $50. Otherwise, it’s free to be an exhibitor. The maker application is on the webpage. Please let us know how else we can help.


  4. I would love to bring my 11 year-old son and his friends for his birthday. What can we expect to see and do?


    • Hello, April! Thank you for your interest. The Shreveport Mini Maker Faire is a family-friendly atmosphere with fun things to do for children and adults. With free general admission, you’ve picked a great place to celebrate your son’s birthday. The event focuses on people who like to make things. These are do-it-yourselfers, entrepreneurs, inventors, crafters, artists, and scientists. We will be incorporating fun, hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) activities throughout the day. Some featured activities include the Maker Family Workshop, with “Build a Better Bridge”, a canoe/kayak maker, robotics, 3D printing, a Learn how to Solder station ($2 for the kit), hula hoops (limited time and visitor numbers), Manual XYZ Table, cool outfits made out of balloons, make your own light house, bubble making, petting zoo, handmade soaps, textiles, other personalized items and so much more! Our Commercial Makers will have neat things they made for sale and can even tell you how they got started. The Shreveport/Bossier Inventors Association will be there. Sci-Port’s STEM Communications Institute will be featuring some of our local scientists at their booth. Sci-Port, the R.W. Norton Art Gallery, and Shreve Memorial Library will be holding booths, including Makey Makey (you can play music on bananas) and Sci-Port’s Electricity Unplugged program. Consistent with the Faire atmosphere, we will have a live band and even a Zumba class! The facility is in the gymnasium of Centenary Colleges’ FIT athletic facility, but some of the activities will be outdoors. Makers can share ideas, discuss how they started their business, and enjoy an atmosphere of innovation. The area will be busy, so watch out for parking. We will post a map of where you can park. We won’t have food vendors, but there are some great iconic eateries just across Kings Highway and we are right by the crosswalk. There are plenty of restrooms and of course wheelchair access.


  5. Had a great time at the faire! The missus and I enjoyed seeing little faces light up as they learned about basic scientific principles, and it was a real treat helping my wife work her way through a soldering lesson. We picked up so many great ideas that we can co-opt for our Sunday school class, and we got to meet some really interesting people to boot! Also, where else can you play a banana piano and stare directly into the sun without fear? So looking forward to the next one!

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  6. Josh Westerfield

    When can we expect to see another MakerFaire type show in Shreveport? I am a fairly new Maker and dabble in many different fields. I would like to meet others who share the same passions i do. I dont know any other person who enjoys the same things i do so it would be nice to meet others.

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  7. Hello, Josh! We are currently planning the Second Annual Shreveport Mini Maker Faire, with a target date of mid- to late-October of 2016. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page as that is where we will be posting the more timely updates.


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