Featured Maker: Becca’s Vintage Bows and Throws

Each week leading up to the Maker Faire, we’re going to present a featured maker. This week’s maker is Becca’s Vintage Bows and Throws. You can find her on Facebook!

Tell us about yourself and your interest in making.

“I’ve always loved to do crafty stufbecca-1f. Going to craft shows and getting ideas on stuff that I could make as gifts were always a joy. I made a few things here and there for my kids, and gifts for family and friends. Then someone asked me the magic question: ‘Why don’t you sell your stuff?’ I thought, ‘Yeah! Why not?’ So I went shopping for supplies, made a bunch of cute goodies, and applied for my first craft show. Everything I make is hand-drawn, -cut, -sewn, and –stitched. Quality to me is more important than quantity. Which is why it is unusual for me to have more than one or two of the same item (With the exception of my Tooth Fairy Owl Pillows, because those are too cute not to make a plethora of in a bunch of varying color schemes!).”

What will you be making at this year’s Shreveport Mini Maker Faire?

“I’ll have my Owl Tooth Fairy Pillows, Vintage-style Bows and Headbands, Throw Pillows, Pillowcases, and some one-of-a-kind Themed Throw Pillows and Pillowcases. If I have time, I’d like to get a few blankets ready to sell, as well.”

Why is making important to you?

“Making is importbecca-2ant to me for a few reasons. Most importantly, it helps provide for my family. It also gives me a purpose. I wear many hats – as a wife, mom, friend, self-employed business owner, etc. – but creating beautiful, fun things for people is a “hat” that is unique to me. Hopefully, not for long, though. The more my kids see me making things, the more interested they become in wanting to bring to life their own creations. Seeing what I do, little though it is, inspire my family and friends, is rewarding on a level vastly more important than making money from selling them.”

If you had an unlimited budget, what project would you make?

“Oh, the possibilities for this would be endless. There would not be simply one project. I’d be able to make most anything in my style I have acquired, with only my own imagination to hold me back. How scary and exciting is that thought?!”

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