Featured Maker: Mark J. Davis

Sometimes it takes an interesting bit of inspiration to make us into a maker. Mark J. Davis had creative inspiration after hurting his leg. He turned his injury into a fun children’s book — Otto the Octopus Goes to the Doctorpus. Find out all about Mark and his projects on his website: http://www.buzzgig.com.

otto-broken-arm-mark-j-davisTell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in making.

“The idea for Otto came to me after a sporting accident left me in a cast for twelve weeks with three more months of rehabilitation. Thankful that I only hurt one leg, I wondered what it would be like for an octopus to hurt seven legs. Through a friend of a friend of a friend, I met Will Baten, the perfect illustrator who captured Otto’s underwater world.”

What will you be making at this year’s Shreveport Mini Maker Faire?

During the Faire, Mark will be promoting his new book, Otto the Octopus Goes to the Doctorpus.

Why is making important to you?

“I’m a retired entertainment attorney and expert on copyright and fair use issues. After being an arbitrator for the U.S. Copyright Office, I’ve taught college classes on legal issues in the music industry at Loyola University, New Orleans and have written and edited textbooks on the topic. As a change of pace from my technical writing, I’m working with an illustrator on children’s fiction.”

If you had an unlimited budget, what project would you make?

“I have a vision for a series of children’s books. It would require the full-time efforts of a dozen researchers, writers, artists and graphic designers.”

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