Featured Maker: Christina Pinckard

Christina Pinckard is an author, artist, and jewelry maker. She’ll be showing a little of each at this year’s Shreveport Mini Maker Faire. Check out her work at www.cnpinckard.net!

Tell us a little bimg_7765-1it about yourself and your interest in making.

“I am a widowed mother of two boys with autism, which is a full-time job, and I make handcrafted beads and then work them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. I started making jewelry when my husband first got sick with cancer, some years back. I couldn’t work outside of the home and I needed something that could calm and help me refocus my mind. I started making jewelry with just beads, but I learned quickly how to make beads with polymer clay and paper. It was then I learned my real passion.”

“I also write books. I write Young Adult Fantasy. The book is titled Arising from Darkness, and it’s part of a 10-book series. My husband passed a year ago, and I have needed this. More than anything else, the writing helps me have less anxiety.”

What will you be making at this year’s Shreveport Mini Maker Faire?

“I will be making jewelry with a galaxy feel to them. From bracelets, necklaces and earrings, they all will seem out of this world. I will also be bringing my b10936735_10204803989053679_457447962_oook.”

Why is making important to you?

“It keeps me grounded and level. With two boys with autism and being a single mother, it is important to make these pieces and write to help me refocus and redirect my anxiety.”

If you had an unlimited budget, what project would you make?

“As many necklaces, earrings and bracelets as I could.  I would make them with sterling silver, chain, and posts. I would continue to make the paper beads, but I would buy swarovski crystals to make my jewelry sparkle.”

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