Featured Maker: Bryce Bretherton of Laser Dragon Productions LLC

Bryce Bretherton will be showing his artwork and comics during the Shreveport Mini Maker Faire. Although he is still in high school, he is so passionate about making and drawing that he already started his own business, Laser Dragon Productions, LLC. 

Tell us a little bit Bryce Brethertonabout yourself and your interest in making.

I am currently a junior at Benton High School in Benton, Louisiana. I started drawing comics at the age of 4. It is my passion and what I want to spend my life doing.  I am a member of the Talented Art and Theater Programs for Bossier Parish Schools, YACA (Youth Art Council of America) and the Budding Artist Association within the Bossier Arts Council.  I was a featured artist at the Bossier Art Council’s “Through The Prism Show” in March 2015, and my artwork won the award to be featured as the advertisement poster for the show.  Also in 2015, I participated and graduated from the Cohab Youth Forge Program for Young Entrepreneurs where I was awarded the Attaway Foundation Grant for commitment, my comic book, and business creations.  As a result, Laser Dragon Productions LLC was opened by the end of the year.  My aspiration is to one day turn my comic book series Laser Man into an animated television series and to continue to work in the comic book and animation world.

What will you be making at this year’s Shreveport Mini Maker Faire?

Original comic books and general live sketching of ideas.  I will have free pictures of my characters Laser Man and his partner Solace available for anyone to color in.  I will have crayons at my booth.  I plan on posting some of the colored pictures on my business Facebook page.

Why is making important to you?Laser Man

It is my passion and what I want to make a career out of.  I am not complete unless I am creating.


If you had an unlimited budget, what project would you make?

Animated television series and movies with a complete line of memorabilia and a 3D printed 6-foot-tall fully featured Laser Man that could stand in the front of my future office.

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